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Products Introduction1)Material: Q195,Q235,Q345,SS400,A36 or ST37-22)Surface Treatment:Galvanized, Paint, Black mild channel bar.3)Packing:In bundle, as customer specific requirements4)Application: modern industrial plant, agricultural greenhouse, animal husbandry factory, stockroom-style sup...

  • FOB Price: US $500-800/ Ton
  • Min.Order Quantity: 20 Tons
  • Supply Ability: 20000 Tons per Month
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    Products Introduction

    1)Material: Q195,Q235,Q345,SS400,A36 or ST37-2

    2)Surface Treatment:Galvanized, Paint, Black mild channel bar.

    3)Packing:In bundle, as customer specific requirements

    4)Application: modern industrial plant, agricultural greenhouse, animal husbandry factory, stockroom-style supermarket, car showroom, sports venue, quay shed, power plant steel structure, airport facility, construction industry,?automobile industry, solar power station, machine manufacturing, steel pylons, ship bridge, military aft industry, highway construction, machine room equipment container, mineral product holder, etc.

    What are the production processes of cold rolled steel channel C Z U?

    The production process of cold-rolled strip mills mainly controls billet preparation, pickling, cold rolling, annealing and finishing.

    The blank preparation requires chemical composition, width and thickness scales (three-point difference and same line difference), and the sickle bend should meet the requirements, and the surface should be smooth and free of cracks, folds, delamination, pores, non-metallic inclusions, etc.

    Strip steel should be straightened and butt welded before pickling for successive pickling. The main purpose of pickling is to get rid of iron oxide scale. During the pickling process, the concentration and temperature of the acid solution and the content of ferrous salt in the acid solution should be controlled.

    In order to control the thickness and plate shape, the reduction, speed, tension and roll shape should be adjusted. The thickness is mainly controlled by AGC, and the shape of the plate is mainly controlled by adjusting the roll profile (roll crown and crown compensation method), such as HC, CVC, etc.

    Annealing is divided into center annealing and finish annealing. Center annealing is to eliminate work hardening, and product annealing is to obtain the required structure and function. Annealing furnaces include successive annealing furnaces and bell-type annealing furnaces. The annealing process of the bell-type annealing furnace should control the proportion of the protective gas in the furnace, the heating time, and the cooling time; the annealing process of the successive annealing furnace should control the temperature, speed, time and atmosphere according to the annealing curve. Control the strip tension in the furnace to ensure the plate shape, and control the furnace roll crown to avoid strip deviation.

    Finishing includes flattening, cutting, oiling and packaging. Flatness can improve the shape of the plate, clean the surface and get the required functions. The flattening process should control the elongation of the strip, and the shearing should mainly control the scale and surface quality, the oil should be uniform, and the packaging should meet the specified requirements, which is conducive to storage, transportation and delivery.

    C Channel


    C Channel is processed automatically by C-steel make-up machine, which, according to given C-steel sizes, can automatically complete the C- steel forming process

    Main Application:

    C-steel is widely used for purline and wall beam of structural steel construction, and is applicable for combining into roof truss and bracket. In addition, it is also used as columns, bridges and arms in machinery light industry manufacture.





    Surface Treatment







    Hot dip galvanized 65-80um


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