Special Shaped Steel Pipe

  • Customized special shape Steel Pipe

    Customized special shape Steel Pipe

    Products Description: Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel structure, which is made of steel plate or steel strip. Its wall thickness can not only be made very thin, but also greatly simplify the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. It is possible to produce all kinds of profiles and cold-formed steel of different materials with uniform wall thickness and complex cross-section shape. Cold-formed steel is widely used in the man...
  • Hexagonal /Octagonal Tube

    Hexagonal /Octagonal Tube

    Hexagonal /Octagonal tube Introduction : Hexagonal /Octagonal tube are produced for widely usage in different areas. Like infrastruction, industrial plant, machine building, and other areas. Our company has the tollings for different shape section tubes. If our clients has any special order. We would like to develop the new products with you. Wish our products will go all  over the world. We will give the  best quality and competitive price . Advantages : 1.Direct manufacturer. 2.Application...
  • Special Shaped Steel Pipe

    Special Shaped Steel Pipe

    We can produce welding triangle, eight prismatic ellipsoid, oval tube, round tube, flat pipe, D type tube, hollow tube, H pipe, half round pipe, hexagonal pipe, mushroom-shaped pipe, bread-shaped pipe, handrail, wing, T tube, triangular tube and nearly all kind of special pipe, metal products, which are widely used in steel structure building, machinery and equipment, locomotive manufacturing, container, agricultural facilities and household items and huang decoration and other industries. 1....