Tata Steel becomes the world’s first steel company to sign the Maritime Cargo Charter

On September 27, Tata Steel officially announced that in order to reduce the company’s “Scope 3” emissions (value chain emissions) generated by the company’s ocean trade, it has successfully joined the Maritime Cargo Charter Association (SCC) on September 3 , Becoming the first steel company in the world to join the association. The company is the 24th company to join the SCC Association. All companies of the association are committed to reducing the impact of global shipping activities on the marine environment.
Peeyush Gupta, vice president of Tata Steel’s supply chain, said: “As a leader in the steel industry, we must take the “Scope 3” emissions issue seriously and constantly update the benchmark for the company’s sustainable operation goals. Our global shipping volume exceeds 40 million tons per year. Joining the SCC Association is a decisive step towards achieving the goal of efficient and innovative emission reduction.”
The Maritime Cargo Charter is a framework for assessing and disclosing whether chartering activities meet the carbon emission reduction requirements of the shipping industry. It has established a global baseline to quantitatively assess and disclose whether chartering activities meet the climate targets set by the United Nations maritime agency, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), including the 2008 base of international shipping’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. On the goal of 50% reduction. The Maritime Cargo Charter helps to encourage cargo owners and shipowners to improve the environmental impact of their chartering activities, encourage the international shipping industry to accelerate the process of carbon emission reduction, and shape a better future for the entire industry and society.

Post time: Oct-08-2021