Welded Steel Frame

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 and iron is to process all kinds of raw steel plates, pipes and wires into products that can be directly used by users by cutting, straightening, flattening, pressing, hot rolling, cold rolling, stamping and other .

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Metal furniture USES metal materials, easy to realize processing automation, high degree of mechanization, conducive to improve labor efficiency, reduce product costs, which wood furniture can not be compared.The thin-walled tubes and sheets used in metal furniture can be bent or molded in one go.Create square, round, pointed, flat and other different shapes.Also through the metal material stamping, forging, casting, molding, welding and other processing to obtain different shapes of metal furniture.Not only has the use function, but also can obtain the colorful surface decoration effect through the electroplating, spraying, plastic coating and other processing technology.

Product Specification:

Warranty 3 years
After-sale Service Online technical support
Chemical Composition steel
Alloy Or Not Non-Alloy
Secondary Or Not Non-secondary
Project Solution Capability Others
Application furniture
Design Style Modern
Place of Origin China
Port of Delivery Tianjin
Brand Name Rainbow
Model Number LSF-01
Product type 1
Standard BS 1387, BS EN 39, GB/T 3091
Surface treatment Painted or Powder coated
Technique Cold Formed
Package Waterproof package, in bundles or in bulk,
Raw Material Galvanized Steel
Usage Furniture, Fence, Structure
Diameter Per request
Feature Moisture Resistant
MOQ 10 Ton

Product Processing Mode:

Pipe Cutting

There are four main methods of pipe cutting: cutting, silver cutting, turning cutting, punching cutting, metal lathe cutting parts of the end of the machining precision is relatively high. It is generally used for machining parts of pipes that need to use capacitive energy storage welding, with high production efficiency of punching, but the punch is easy to shrink, and its application area is relatively narrow.

welded frame4
welded frame2


Bending pipe is generally used in the bracket structure, bending pipe technology refers to the special machine tool, with the help of special equipment to bend the pipe into a circular arc processing technology. Bend pipe is generally divided into hot bend and cold bend.Hot bending is used for pipe with thick wall or solid core, but it is seldom used in metal furniture.Cold bending is formed by bending pressure at room temperature. The commonly used pressure methods include mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure, manual pressure, etc.

welded frame1
welded frame8

Drilling and punching

General metal parts with screws or rivets combined, the parts must be perforated or punched. Drilling tools generally use bench drill, vertical drill and hand electric drill, sometimes in the design will also be used slot.

welded frame6
welded frame7


Common welding methods include gas welding, electric welding, energy storage welding and so on.After welding, welding nodules must be removed to make the surface of the pipe smooth.

welded frame5
welded frame2

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