European routes have risen again, and export container freight rates have reached a new high

According to the data of Shanghai Shipping Exchange, on August 2, the freight rate index of Shanghai export container settlement reached a new high, indicating that the alarm of freight rate rise has not been lifted.

According to the data, the Shanghai export container settlement freight rate index of European routes closed at 9715.75 points, a new high since the index was released, up 12.8% compared with the data released the previous week, while the Shanghai export container settlement freight rate index of American routes rose 1.2% to close at 4198.6 points.

It is reported that the base period of Shanghai export container freight rate index is June 1, 2020, and the base period index is 1000 points. This index comprehensively reflects the average settlement freight rate of container ships on Shanghai Europe and Shanghai West America routes in the spot market.

In fact, in addition to the container freight rate, the freight rate of dry bulk cargo market is also picking up. The data show that on July 30, the Baltic dry bulk cargo freight rate index bdi closed at 3292 points. After the high correction, it is close to the 11 year high set at the end of June again.

Post time: Aug-04-2021